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Everett Adams - The World Love Music[Free Article Submit] Now we all have our preference as to the genres we like and the styles we like. My personal likes are country, bluegrass and Gospel, with a few other genres tossed in. Some might detest those genres, but love those I detest. But overall we all like music, yet the world seems to take music for granted. Those that produce music at all levels are not given the respect they deserve. The lowest on that totem pole would be the songwriter, though he/she should be the most important. At least the musicians and singers get a bit of glory for their skills, but the writer is often forgotten about. Nonetheless, without writers there would be no songs to sing. If there was no music, this world could become a boring place. How would radio stations attract listeners without music? Talk radio has it place, but not for all listeners. TV and movies rely on music to give impact to certain scenes. Churches use music to deliver a message of salvation. Music is used by advertisers to sell their products.

God gave us music as a gift and He gave some people the gifts to bring that gift to the masses. He gave some the gift of writing lyrics, some the gift of writing music, some the gift to play that music and some to sing the lyrics. Rarely does He give all those gifts as a package to one person. It does happen, but rarely. Often those with the gift to sing cannot write or play an instrument. Those gifted at playing cannot sing or write. Those gifted at writing cannot sing or play well. God meant for us to depend on each other to bring songs to life. Then there are producers and arrangers of music that work their magic in the recording studios.

I, myself, write mainly lyrics and the basic tunes and chord progression. I am no great singer or musician, so I depend on others to bring the song to life as demos so recording artist will hear how the song is supposed to go. You can hear some samples of my songs at Country and Other Genres PR Blog or at a Gospel Music PR Blog.

Most of the world are music consumers. Many just listen and enjoy, but never or rarely buy. Others buy on a regular basis and support their favorite artist. Even this is fast fading because now some of those listening services are charging a monthly fee for people to hear the music they want. This is great for the consumers of music but does not help the many people involved that bring the music to life at their own expense. Most of these listening services will pay a very small fraction of a cent to the copyright owners, which is better than some of those illegal sites that never pay a cent to the song owners. Even famous artist who get listened to by millions only make a few hundred dollars. It’s not enough to cover production cost, yet they still create music because it’s their purpose. Eventually, if writers, musicians, singers and others in the industry cannot make a decent return on their work and investment, they will quit putting out this music for the world to enjoy. What then will these business that depend on fresh supply of music do? There will always be music, but without incentive. The supply of new music will greatly shrink. It seems those that provide the foundation for those businesses to thrive and for music lovers to enjoy, are the last ones to be paid. And if they are paid, it is only a very small fraction. Support music or lose it.

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Everett Adams has been writing songs most of his life. The first half of his life he wrote mostly country. After becoming a born again Christian, Gospel music became his main genre. He has written over 3000 songs, about 20% have been demoed. He’s had about 200 plus songs released by small indie artist, many of these songs have gotten airplay. One Gospel song went to number one. One CD containing 12 of his songs was named number one country/bluegrass gospel recording for that year.

His main objective is to get as many of his Gospel songs released as he can so that people will hear God’s messages to His people and those that should be His people before the end comes.

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