The Restraining Order

In this episode of #NBBARadio, We go into the deep end on a topic entitled, The Restraining Order. We talk about the Fall of Lucifer, and how Lucifer’s Fall defines the battle of darkness vs light. We discuss satan’s imperfections in heaven, how ironic it is that satan’s prison is our paradise, and much more.

In our Artist Development segment, we talk about how Christian Hip Hop is a Complicated Classification. We start by quoting a very interesting quote from Sway Calloway, who is an awesome supporter of Christian Hip Hop. From this quote, stems some questions about Christian Hip Hop’s sustainability, and our journey of trying to be noticed by the mainstream. We take the opportunity to break down from 3 different sources what the word mainstream means, and in 2 out of 3 sources, there’s a similar ring that concludes why Christian Hip Hop would have a hard time being mainstream, and much more.

Last but not least, our playlist:

– Genuflection by Enon feat. Crystal J & C.O.G.
– Only Human by Nesfa feat. Tornado 418
– Tondemonai [No Way] by Prophocey
– Sometimes by Speak
– Game Over by RoExodus & Brother Donell
– Diligence [Give Em Everything] by DeAndre Smith
– Let the Music Play by TyServ
– Winning by Mystery Known
– Blessings (Stay Prayed Up) by Christian Boyz

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Grace & Peace,

Pacaso of Not By Bread Alone Radio

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