Temptation Is Evident

In this episode of #NBBARadio, we tackle the topic of Temptation is Evident. We all know, no matter what circle we come from, that temptation is right around the corner. We try to break down some of these temptations, and prayerfully give some practical biblical advice on how to approach these challenges, even before they arise.

Next, in our Artist Development segment, we talk about how Trap Music is Not a Genre. We aim to shed light where trap music came from, what it represents, and why we should be careful about labeling the things we do as something with duel meanings. We also talk about not trying to be a mirror image of the world in order to reach the masses and much more.
Last, but not least, our playlist:
– What a Man Needs by Pacaso Ramirez
– Pain N Loss by Meech
– Is This Love by Rich Righteous
– Momma by Spiritual Giant
– Young and Reckless by J.Liles feat. Seckond Chaynce
– These Streets by Christian Boyz
– Christ Fanatic by Prince Redeemed
– Already by Dimelo
– Why Do Me Wrong by Streetlife925
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– Pacaso of Not By Bread Alone/Blood Related Entertainment

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