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satellite music tv showcaseBroadcasting a Christian music video on satellite and cable TV networks is an incredible promoting asset for any artist! Although it may appear that only major label artists are given the opportunity to use TV media services, we are among the few indie music marketers that are affiliate with a TV production company that promotes our client artists. We make it possible for independent artists from all around the world to receive satellite and cable TV airplay internationally! As you know, artists are more likely to gain more attention by fans through the promotion of on-air TV publicity.

  • Music Video TV CampaignOur music cable and satellite TV campaign is an excellent venture because: Artists receive an entire week of airtime on various satellite and cable TV networks.
  • Also, it’s more likely we will replay the video based on our program schedule.
  • Not only that, We broadcast our Christian Music Video TV Series on the Internet and on all mobile devices.
  • More than 14 million households viewers have access to watch creative performances internationally!
  • As if that was enough, we provident content marketing services and publishing on multiple music marketing platforms to announce your big publicity news!
  • Our marketing specialists provide you with added services to help you move to the next level of achievement.
  • Ultimately, we will present your project that you worked hard at creating with the professional services it deserves!

What we are looking for:

  • Serious artists that invested in a professional produced music video
  • Professional Quality Produced Videos with a resolution of 1920 × 1080
  • No still pics, no slide show, no low quality home made videos
  • English Speaking Content Only

Complete The Submission Form Below For Showcasing On TV
If you’re approved, you are required to provide a fee of $105.00 for content publishing, social media distribution, and advertising.

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