Shemier S.P. Lewis

An American Christian Contemporary Singer!

Shemier S.P Lewis, an American Christian Contemporary Singer is moreover a love pioneer that lead God’s kin through tunes. When you hear her saintly, delicate, and beautiful vocals it’s as though she carried on with an existence without agony or hurt. In any case, what individuals don’t know is that Shemier’s music mirrors the recuperation of numerous hardships. The most genuine affliction almost drove her to confer suicide.

Shemier was sexually attacked at a young age and subsequently she turned out to be extremely indiscriminate. To know stun Shemier conveyed a gigantic weight of fault and judgment on herself. In dislike that her misuse happened before she was develop enough to know great and awful, Shemier viewed herself as capable as though she should have been taking on a similar mindset as an adult when she was still a tyke. She encountered a misuse that put her on an interminable treadmill of fault and unforgiveness.

Be that as it may, say thanks to God for his adoration! Shemier had the quality inside of her to carry on with a decent life! Through petition to God and by encompassing herself with the right individuals that minded, God gave her His trust and showed how noteworthy she is. In 2006, Shemier surrendered her life to Jesus and turned into another creation.


Co-Written With Delano Jacobs, Shemier Sing “Acclaim The Lord”

It at first started with the reestablishing of her reasoning blunders! She learned through book of scriptures sacred writing that paying little heed to what happened in her past, she had much to thank the Lord for. One day while listening to a sermon by her Pastor, the message propelled her so much that she felt constrained to commend the Lord with her vocals. It’s her method for expressing gratitude toward the Lord for sparing her from suicide and from being mentally harm. She likewise needs to impart to others that on the off chance that you will put stock in God you will find that you can overcome obstructions too. He who is in us is far more prominent and more grounded than he who is in this world (1 John 4:4).

Shemier trusts that regardless of what circumstances you’re experiencing or been through, in the event that you keep it basic and tell God what you require in petition to God, he will convey you as he accomplished for her. Shemier’s most loved quote is “Gracious that [men] would laud the LORD [for] his integrity, and [for] his awesome attempts to the offspring of men (Psalm 107:31)”.

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