Robert Smith Band

Singer-Songwriter, Robert Smith Is Alive And Free From Hunger, Substances, and Pornography


Robert Smith BandFor Robert Smith, experiencing childhood in the Philippines gave him a different perspective of the world. Many people today have no clue what it is like to come from a place where poverty is the norm. I’m talking about the type of destitution that do not have food stamps and other low income programs to help the needy. Here in the U.S. children might grow up with a poor education and a rough home, but at least there are plenty of programs that will ensure a hungry child gets to eat. For Robert, food was very limited. Even more, the environment he grew up in was less than ideal. One can just envision how troublesome this must of been for a youngster to adapt to at an extremely youthful age. Particularly, when his mother and step-father lived in another country. He was, however, able to live with his grandparents, but his grandfather was an angry alcoholic who he received occasional beatings from.

To overcome starvation and other needs, Robert stole from where he could and learned bargain at local markets. With no direction in life, it was unavoidable that Robert would learn other unfortunate propensities. He started smoking and drinking alcohol by the time he attended second grade. It was rather easy for a child to get a hold of such products in the Philippines at the time. He also became addicted to sniffing rubber cement because it somehow helped him with hunger.

Robert Smith BandOccasionally, Robert was supported by a company similar to World Vision and Compassion International, where he was able to eat better than most times. By the age of 11, things started to turn upward for Robert. He was adopted along with his brother and brought to the USA. His tendency for smoking and drinking likewise reduced because of his inability to buy liquor and cigarettes in the United States. Be that as it may, was Robert at last free from darkness? No, Robert lived another dark side.

Throughout his teenage years until early 20’s, Robert was addicted to pornography. Although he had grown up in different churches for many years, he did not have a solid relationship with Christ and this was one of the challenges he had. He also fell into major depression and became rather insecure. Nonetheless -today, Robert is alive and free from hunger, substances, pornography, and depression. He started learning who God is and what the Bible says about who he is in Christ. He found a purpose in life and has a passion to lead people to the one who saved him, our loving God! He is continually discovering who our God is and how much He loves His children.

Robert has always been moved by music and he has played a variety of musical instruments for several years. Recently, he has been stirred up to start a worship team, Robert Smith Band. It mainly focuses on playing at conferences and other meetings as such. The Robert Smith Band’s goal is to usher people into God’s presence via music. As part of a worship team at the local church he attends, he finds satisfaction when people encounter God during worship. Many of his songs come from intercessions, revelations and his personal journey with God.



Click on the link or on the image below and download Alive And Free. It’s a meaningful song by Robert Smith Band and speaks of deliverance. As more of Robert’s songs are released, you’ll discover that many of the tracks will be based on God, love, and freedom.


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