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By David E. Maxwell
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Promotion is probably one of a musician’s worse enemy! I say this because it’s the part most people get wrong, intentionally, or not. There are people who take the time to record the perfect CD, pay to have it mastered, have an excellent cover, get it into shops worldwide, then just sit down and wait for their CD to sell. But it hardly does. Why? Because they hardly promoted it! You can’t expect people to walk into a record shop and buy your music. You must let people know it’s there and give them a good reason to buy it! The same goes for selling your music on the internet.


Doing It Your Self

Now I know for most, you may not see yourself as a sales person. That’s OK! Most musicians don’t. But I’ll tell you now, without including some form of promotion in your campaigns, whether you do it yourself or hire someone else to do it for you, awareness will not get very far.


So how much promotion do you need for a successful new release? Well, that would depend on the size and type of the project. One thing’s for sure, you should be promoting your release between 2 – 4 weeks prior to the release date. Start out by establishing a rapport with your followers and audience. As you get to bring more awareness about who you are as a person, then you can mention your upcoming project without too many details. Whatever you say, don’t advertise yourself as someone who merely wants to sell music. Make a serious connection! You are dealing with real people that like to have a real social connection. Then, as the date gets closer, offer more details while making a bigger deal out of it. Creating anticipation and a buzz is a great way to pre-sell your music. If done correctly a nice portion of your sells should come within the first week or so. Keep in mind that the quality of your music and the demand for your style of music must be factored into sales.

New Release Suggestions

Just before releasing your CD, you should carry on spending the time to promote it. It’s a good idea to appear on live radio shows, get interviews, create content marketing with insight into the songs, link flyers to Landing Page, use music entertainment news platforms, get a professional music review, promote music by guest blogging, and anything else you can fit in. Simply writing a post on a music forum will not get you the amount of exposure and sales you’ll need to even cover the cost of making your music project. Even an article in a popular magazine often isn’t enough by itself. So, think bigger! People react better to buying when they’ve seen your promotion in different places. They become curious about your product. That means you need to be everywhere your customers are!

Please don’t make the mistake of under promoting your music. If you’re going to put the effort into recording and releasing your music, the least you could do is let it reach its full potential!

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