Pookie Wit Tha Uzi Radio Interview

The radio interview that addressed inquiries for devotees of God

Pookie Wit Tha Uzi Radio InterviewFor the first time on LIF Talk with Cherie, we share a dialogue with Christian Rap Artist Adrian Logan aka “Pookie-mind tha-Uzi“.

Immediately, the radio meeting starts with a line of inquiries in regards to Adrian’s transformation and drive that maintains him from the enticements in the world. Cherie helped us realized what impacted Adrian to make music and what keeps him from floating outside the domain of God’s vicinity.

Not expecting a movement in the tone, the meeting took an engrossing turn leaving Cherie laughing around a story how Adrian was given his stage name “Pookie-wit-tha-Uzi”.

In the event that you have never listened to a radio show by Black Diamond Enterprises Network Production, you have to listen to this genuine talk discussion loaded with motivational endings. Cherie creates dialogues that are proficient, instructive, engaging and her amusement can light up a solemn congregation!

Listen now to “LIF Talk with Cherie” as she interview Christian Rap Artist “Pookie-wit-tha-Uzi”.

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