Pooki Wit Tha Uzi

Devine Jamz Magazine - Christian Rap ArtistChristian Rap Artist “Pookie Wit Tha Uzi” has a musical style and strategy that is decidedly unique in the hip-hop community. Simply listen to his determination of astonishing beats and the anointed verses made through his visionary ability! His music is an extension for enthusiasts of hip-hop and Christian rap.

Each stellar delivered beat in his melodies are fresh and clear rythems that compliment “Pookie’s” innovative plan. He impart the message of salvation to a society that requests truth and reality! Specifically, “Pookie” tell how he set down his “gang colors” for the blood of Jesus Christ. Through various trials and the failure to legitimately handle troublesome circumstances, society has denoted the new Christian Rap Artist as a trouble maker. Yet he has chosen to ignore what is behind and strain toward what is in store.



Adrian has recognized his task to spread the Lord’s truth with his musical blessings! His recordings show how Christian rap artists have swag however don’t bargain the expression of God! Considerably more he impart to his hip fans how his affection for his wife mimics the way Christ cherishes the congregation.

He is productively utilized and he’s an individual from New Bethel Independent Church in Forest City, NC. He ascribes his change because of God’s beauty and kindness through our Lord Jesus Christ.

“Pookie Wit Tha Uzi” debut collection “Psalms 33:3 (Songs of Izreal)” and his singles are recorded with “The Best of Amazon’s Featured Christian Indie Recording Artists” at Devine Jamz Gospel Network.

Pookie is a Christian rapper that has no time to wait on a major record label to approve his anointing. His work has been seen by the advertising group at Devine Jamz Gospel Network and their subsidiary TV Production Company that broadcast his music recordings to get Satellite Television Airplay where 14 million family viewers have admittance to see his ability on the TV series “Christian Music Videos”.

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