Phil Marks Sr.

The Contemporary Christian Music by Phil Marks Sr. Helps Interpret God’s Message As Applied In This Modern Day And Age!


Phil Marks Sr. - Christian Recording ArtistJesus’ teachings and principals are timeless. Still, Jesus invites us to find better ways to apply His message of love: Women choose their own roles; gay persons have families and are loved for the beautiful human beings they are; families choose how many children to have, and when. Religion should help people make good choices; not punish people for choices made. No doctrine should dictate a person’s roles in life. I truly believe that Jesus wants us to embrace changes for the good, and to seek good ways to change.” – Phil Marks Sr



Music Review:

DJ HolyghostRhema Gospel Radio

The songs on this album are more than beautiful, they worship Jesus for His love, peace, joy and the power that’s in His name. These worship ballads are very smoothing with a nice melody and easy to sing along
heartfelt lyrics.

The Lord uses Phil’s voice in a way that will capture the listener through his equally moving flows resulting in songs that feed the soul and rejuvenate the spirit from personal worries or trouble. Phil Marks is an Artistic Christian Artist with a solid album that should reach audiences worldwide.

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