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Gospel Song Radio Promotion For Independent Gospel Artists and Ministries

The Various Gospel Radio Promotions at Devine Jamz Gospel Network are provided by our affiliate radio broadcasters we teamed up with! Our affiliates are carefully selected by their performances and reliability. However, it is your responsibility to conduct your own due diligence regarding the safe and successful operation of your business if you intend to use any of our information in any way.

Gospel Radio Song Spotlight – Remarkable Exposure 

Gospel Song Radio Promotion -
Nia Radio Network has made it possible for artists to promote their Gospel music at rates you simply must explore for your self! They provide hundreds of listeners a month, several thousands of Twitter followers, 30 widget players posted across the Internet, a brand new growing Facebook page, and many of Devine Jamz Gospel Network’s followers. This promotion will really boost your presence! As you explore the radio station at NIA Radio, just listen to their player then let the spirit of the Lord guide you in your decision making. Many traditional radio stations can charge for promotions anywhere from $500 a week and more. But, the Artist Showcase Promotion will Promote Your Website, Products, Book Release, CD Release, Events And More For Only $75.00



Gospel Song Spotlight


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