Never Stop Dreaming

By David E. Maxwell
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The realities of a dream

Is there a dream in your heart that you just can’t shake? Can you see yourself doing something and you can’t get it out of your mind? God has placed specific dreams and visions inside every person. He has a plan for your life and the aspirations that you just can’t seem to get out of your heart are clues to what you were created to do. By identifying your dreams, keeping them alive and coming up with a plan to execute them, your dreams can become a reality. When I talk about dreams, I’m not just talking about the visions you see when you go to sleep at night. While those are dreams, and God may speak to you while you sleep, the dreams I’m referring to are those hopes, longings, and aspirations in your heart. They are those series of images that continually replay in your mind about something you desire to accomplish.

Ways to keep your dream alive

Your dream may be an idea for a business, a particular field you want to go into, an invention, book or avenue that utilizes your talent. Maybe you have a dream to sing, dance or be an artist. Or, you may dream of being an independent business owner in a particular area. Whatever your dream is, if God gave it to you, He will make a way for it to become a reality. First, recognize that your dream will be accompanied by an image or vision inside of you that you can’t get rid of. It is important that you keep the dream before your mind at all times. This will keep it active in your heart. Ways to keep your dream alive include thinking about it every day, writing it down in detail, cutting out pictures of things pertaining to your dream and pasting them on a board to look at, and talking about it with trusted friends. The Word of God says that whatever you imagine to do will not be restrained from you (Genesis 11:6). When you continually keep your dream before you, it will consume you and drive you to take action.

The distance between your dreams and reality is called action

After you realize there is a particular dream in your heart that must become a reality, you’ve got to construct a plan to bring it to pass. Just because God gave you a dream doesn’t mean it will automatically happen; there is a part you must play in the process. First, get before the Lord and ask Him to direct your steps. Acknowledge Him as the giver of the dream; then and ask Him to give you wisdom regarding your dream and how to accomplish it. God is faithful! When you take the time to seek Him, He will give you the steps to take that will lead you down the path of seeing your dream come to pass. The Holy Spirit is your Helper; however, you are the initiator. When you take a step, God will meet you at your point of action. Each step you take will bring you closer to the end of your faith.

Allow your troubles to work for you

Remember that when you have a dream, others may not support you. In fact, there will be people who will actually try to hinder you because of jealousy. Joseph is an example of that. He was a dreamer, yet he made the mistake of telling his brothers about his dream. As a result, they hated him and sold him into slavery (Genesis 37:5, 8, 28). Even though they tried to stop his destiny, they weren’t able to. Joseph still found favor in the midst of his trials and eventually, the dream God placed in his heart did come to pass. Don’t allow challenges or the negativity of other people to stop you. Trouble will come when you set out to fulfill your dreams. However, you can allow that trouble to work for you instead of against you. It will develop you above its ability to affect you if you stay focused on what God has called you to do, and stand on His Word. Most of all, never stop dreaming because when you stop dreaming, you stop living.

Hold On

I want to encourage you to hold on to your dreams. Hold on to that thing God has put in your heart that you just can’t shake. Remain faithful to Him and do your part; He will bring your dream to pass.


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