Naomi Cross TV Appearance

Naomi Cross started her profession singing in Chicago, IL performing for nearby churches all through the territory and performing for Pro Ball Clubs. In 1991 she moved to Atlanta, GA (ATL) and was offered a chance to work with a surely known producer/lyricist for Walt Disney Productions. Naomi’s delightful talent rapidly started making space for her in ATL as well.


Not a stranger to live shows, Naomi Cross has opened for national acts, and performed with professionals like Mary Mary, Trinitee 5:7, Angela Christie, Martha Munizzi, Darwin Hobbs and Joann Rosario. With her great musical gifts, Naomi has piqued the enthusiasm


of radio stations, TV programs, and now she will be among the selected artists who has received the TV Airplay Campaign by Devine Jamz Gospel Network and its affiliate television production company. 


The Week of July 6, 2015 Naomi’s video “Get it Back” appeared on Christian Music Videos, a TV series where over 14 million targeted household satellite and cable viewers have access to watch her talent in the comfort of their homes.


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