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Why not use a crowd of people that is already focusing on your type of music business? It unquestionably will cut your promoting costs when looking for more fans! Devine Jamz Gospel Network welcome Music Reviewers to join our online group of experts! We are accepting multi – skilled and talented commentators who are equipped for planning a scholarly assessment on the worth and level of skills for individual works of music, or entire gatherings in the Contemporary Christian, Urban Gospel, Gospel Rap, Gospel Jazz, Christian Rock, or Southern Gospel kinds’.

Christian Music Publisher Opportunities
1. Reviewers with a professional website that is indexed in major search engines and have a paid domain name.

* An alternative is that you can use our blog; we will post the review for you in your name.

2. The usual tasks of a music reviewer include writing reviews of newly released music.
1. We promote and distribute your reviews using social media and our affiliate advertising portal with 4 huge marketing networks.

2. Reviewers have admin privileges on our ranking Gospel Music Public Relations platform to promote their own clients, thus gain more traffic from our followers and partners.

3. Reviewers can create back links on our website to boost their own website SEO.

4. Along with the exposure you will receive from posting on our Gospel Music Public Relations website, reviewers also receive free advertising on two additional sister websites at: devinemarketers.com and press.devinemarketers.com
Entry level
Public Relations



Reviewers-Contributors-Guest Bloggers

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