Let Go Of Reasoning!

By David E. Maxwell
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Is It OK To Question God?

Have you ever heard people say, “You shouldn’t question God?” I’ve heard that all my life. You may have talent and even be gifted and may be believing God to for something, but when it doesn’t happen the way you planned, doubt sets in. Then, all of your patience goes out the window, and you begin to question whether God’s Word and will for your life is really true. This type of questioning is called “reasoning”, and it is born out of the flesh. The flesh is “a mindset or a way of thinking that contradicts the Word of God.” It always operates through reasoning or through questioning that comes out of a heart of unbelief. It’s not a sin to ask God a legitimate question; it’s when you begin to question God’s goodness and ability that you get into trouble.

Does God Owe An Explanation?

James 1:5 instructs us to inquire of God when we need wisdom. An example of this is when the angel Gabriel told Mary that she would become pregnant and that her son would save people from their sins. Mary asked, “How shall this be since I’ve never been with a man?” (Luke 1:34.) She had a legitimate question. On the other hand, if you ask, “If You are such a powerful and mighty God, why am I still in debt?” or “Why am I still sick, I thought You were the Healer?,” you are asking questions out of reasoning. The above questions don’t solicit God for wisdom, instead they challenge Him for an explanation or justification. If you question God this way, you’ve developed what the Bible calls “an evil heart of unbelief” (Hebrews 3:12). You’re actually looking for a reason not to believe God. Doubt has gotten a foothold in your mind because you’ve let what you can see, hear and feel cause you to question the truth of God’s Word.

Who Is Responsible For What Is Happening?

You show your true feelings when you say things like, “Why am I going through this?” or “I don’t deserve to go through this. I sowed a seed on Sunday.” You are blaming God for what is happening in your life. If you continue to talk this way, you’ll eventually sever your faith connection altogether. You have to stop listening to the stack of bills that continually say, “I’m growing everyday.” Instead, tune into the Word concerning our finances. He says that “I wish above all that you prosper even as your soul prosper”. Instead of questioning the legitimacy of God’s Word, take authority over your situation and claim what is rightfully yours by taking action and applying His Word to your life.


Walk In Victory Through Your Circumstances.

Walking in the Spirit is what defeats the flesh; so don’t allow your present circumstances to move you off of the promises of God. Keep your thinking in line with the Word and stake your claim to the wealth and healing that belong to you. Settle in your mind that no one can prosper, heal and deliver you like El Elyon. He is the Most High God, and He has only good things in store for you. Ask God for wisdom for your specific situation, and then praise Him for the answer. Make the decision to stand on the Word, and don’t move off of it until you receive what you are standing for!

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