Josh Tutu Video “It’s Working” Air On U.S. Television

TV Show Details:

Josh Tutu Music Video "It's Working" TV Appearance

It’s Working” by worship leader and Pastor Josh Tutu was selected by promoters and TV producer with Devine Jamz Gospel Network to air to over 14 million house hold fans of the international TV show “Christian Music Videos”.

On the week of July 4, 2016 satellite and cable TV networks including Comcast/Xfinity, Skyangel, local community broadcasters, and Internet streaming TV stations will televise Josh’s music video. A complete list of providers that will showcase the video is located on the TV Channel Page at Devine Jamz.

About The Video:

It’s working for my good is the prophetic worship declaration that reaffirms Gods promises to us that no matter the situation, struggles or challenges that we might be going through, God is in control and its going to work for our good. The message declares and proclaim that this is your season for grace and favor, restoration, miracles, joy, sufficiency, success, accomplishment, laughter, health, fruitfulness, progress, and peace.


About Josh Tutu:

Josh Tutu is a worship leader, pastor, songwriter, producer, youth coach, a worshiper at heart and a minister of the gospel with deep passion for the propagation of the gospel of Jesus Christ. He works with the Assemblies of God Missions, USA and he is also the coordinator of REMAfrica (youth empowerment organization).

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