Instruments of Musick Going For Radio Adds With New Single ‘Give It To You’

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — On June 12, 2020, emerging gospel group Instruments of Musick released their first extended play 'Determination'. Currently, the group is going for radio adds with 'Give It To You' on Commercial Urban AC and Gospel Radio formats. “Determination” brings positive energy during steady COVID-19 social distancing. This new recording also adds to the melting pot of contemporary music. Instruments of Musick are determined to spread joy and peace through their music.




A Cause For Celebration

There is cause for celebration as well. On Apple Music, “Determination” has a track badged as a fan favorite — ‘Psalm 33:2,’ a praise-filled gospel gem that encourages constant foot-tapping and head-nodding. The release of “Determination — EP” quickly followed Instruments of Musick’s ‘Moving Forward’ single release on April 30, 2020.

Gospel Music Historian Bob Marovich, Syndicated Columnist Eunice Moseley and Music Reviewer Taylor Valery highly recommends “Determination — EP”. Valery said, “[Album] motivates me to be strong in faith, and to commit daily to God.” As the world slowly reopens, and music lovers search for new sounds, Instruments of Musick help usher in positive energy with their uplifting and fun music.

Instruments Of Musick Are Evolutionary

Taking cues from music legends such as Calvin Cooke, Pierre Stevenson and Ted Beard, this gifted family band creates a fun fusion of instrumental and inspirational music. “Determination — EP” is composed of six songs that help define the hybrid musical R&B Gospel genre. Spanning over the uptempo music video 'Country Gospel', hit song ‘Give It to You’ and meditative song ‘Moving Forward,’ Instruments of Musick show sheer joy in their love for God.

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