Homage – The Addison Singers – “Everyday Will Be Sunday”

It’s a real pleasure to tell you about “Everyday Will Be Sunday,” an indie gospel album by The Addison Singers, released in July 2001. This album, primarily written by Shareen Addison, pays homage to God’s presence and purpose for our lives. Addison composed 10 of the 13 songs from “Everyday Will Be Sunday.”

The Addison Singers - Everyday Will Be Sunday

The Addison Singers consisted of these five fine black women (top left to bottom right): Shakei Howard, (Grandmother) Mama Mayola Addison, Gloria Addison, (Mom) Brenda Axel, and (Aunt) Shareen Addison

As a child, I remember going to church and seeing these women singing their hearts out. In retrospect, it was unclear to me that my mother was praising the Lord. She, with The Addison Singers, traveled to different churches, participating in their praise programs. That was always exciting for my childhood, going different places and meeting new folks- often relatives.

“Everyday Will Be Sunday” is a product of hard work, devotion, and reverence for the Lord. It’s existence inspires me to be just as close to music with my praise.

I’m eager to tell you about the songs that resonate well wit me today.


Song opens with Mayola’s gentle reminder of God’s call on our life:

Jesus said: / Whosoever will come after me / Let him deny himself / And take up His cross, and follow me.

It’s clear that with ‘Why Not Now,’ The Addison Singers want listeners follow Jesus Christ, as He’s calling right now. And this means, if you’re in storm of life, hand over the burden to Christ. Deny your ego, flow with your spirit. Jesus is calling, you’ll be alright.


This upbeat song about being on a decided faith journey is led by Mama Mayola Addison, and it’s reminds us that our life on earth is only temporary. Which also means, so are our troubles.

Song’s lyrics are composed of mere metaphors that remind faith followers that they are only on a life journey:

I said one day, I’m gonna leave this world / And go to my heavenly home / My bags are packed, and I’m ready to go / And walk the streets paved with gold / Oh, you can’t stop me from taking this trip / To my home, my home on high / I’m only passing through this old sinful world / I live with Jesus in the sky, yes I’m only.


Mama Addison opens this spiritual song with a powerful recount of her acceptance of Jesus Christ as her personal savior on August 30, 1964. She tells us that she’s not perfect – she’s human – and she faces everyday hardwork and challenges like many of us. What makes the faith walk worth it is her love for Jesus, and His love for her.

With ‘Everyday Will Be Sunday,’ Mama Addison declares that each day shall be a beautiful reminder of not only the day she repented, but of God’s greater purpose for her life.


‘His Name Is Jesus’ reminds us of the power of Jesus Christ. Brenda Axel‘s intensity on this song encouraged me to want to know Jesus more. Listening to this again as a music-lovin’ adult, I was stunned by my mother’s performance. Storylike, Axel sings of how Jesus’ birth, His healing of the blind, curing of the sick, and His destined departure. Stand out chorus lyrics:

…and who is He (Who is he) / That heal the sick, and made the blind to see, yeah / His Name Is Jesus, Jesus / Above every name / Talking about Jesus, Jesus / No other name is the same.

Song ends with a beautiful vocal harmony, which testifies “Shouting from the mountain tops, the roof tops / In the hills, and valleys below / Tell everyone, it is the sweetest / The sweetest name I know….


The soft soprano from Shareen Addison is clear here, praising the presence of God in our lives. ‘Lord I Come to You’ is about running to the Lord’s open arms with earnest intentions on becoming a better person, and on creatively contributing to this thing called life. Song’s lyrics resonate with me today, as I continue to run to the Lord for His guidance and grace.


This powerful praiser is led by Gloria Addison, current First Lady of Faith & Trust, in Austin, TX. Song is a metaphor for being a living spirit, experiencing this thing called life. Song sings of God being the reason for our creation, and it proclaims Him as the savior to follow to freedom.

At Last

I love the Lord, and I believe that He loves me. This album reminds us all that the same is true for everyone who believes it, too. At a religious life event in college, on March 25, 2011, I accepted Christ as my personal Lord and savior. “Everyday Will Be Sunday” is a lovely reminder.

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