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Micah Stampley

In 2010, Micah Stampley released “Release Me.” Stampley is the epitome of good music; as a matter of fact, he has more than 40 years of experience as a singer, songwriter, and choir director. His marvelous multi-octave vocal virtue help spread the gospel.

Micah Stampley - Release Me

This extended play has seven songs, and though they all usher me into a total trance, I’m only going to tell you about my favorite three: ‘Lend Your Song to Me,’ ‘Heaven on Earth,’ and ‘There Is a Fountain Filled With Blood.’ These songs have incredible substance with regard to songwriting, spirit, soul, vocal vitality, and overall production.

‘Heaven On Earth’

This album opens with ‘Heaven On Earth,’ an adventurous production about keeping cool on the faith journey. Song sounds like a reborn spirit has just crossed over to the heavens, and is now touring with rightful amazement.

Song’s substance is spiritual, and devotional. When you’re committed to the I Am, heaven will be on earth. You will command it so, just as Stampley did with this beautiful ballad.

‘There Is a Fountain Filled With Blood’

Calling keys open this meditative melody. This song is a metaphor that reminds us of the price Jesus paid for us to walk in self-acknowledgement, and in ultimate freedom.

Storylike, Stampley croons in remembrance of that price, he symbolically sings of a fountain filled with the renewing blood of Jesus. Song demonstrates Stampley’s freedom, and willingness to properly perpetuate the Kingdom of God.

‘Lend Your Song to Me’

This song is special, because it was co-composed by Heidi Stampley, Micah’s wife, and songwriting partner since 1998. Moreover, Heidi wrote ‘I Believe‘ for “Release Me,” and co-wrote ‘Marvelous’ alongside Micah as well.

I can appreciate ‘Lend Your Song to Me,’ because it sends a good gospel message, and gets my body up and shaking with excitement. Christian music like this makes me want to know God even more than I do now. It makes me realize I’m not the only one seeking God.

Highly Recommended…

I’m highly recommending music lovers to listen to Micah Stampley’s “Release Me.” This mini-album is an incredible declaration of faith, a fine example of praise, and all around stellar production. “Release Me” will move your spirit, much like music by The Addison Singers. So go ahead, press play on “Release Me,” and you’ll experience heaven on earth.

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