Guarding Biblical Perspectives

In this week show of NBBARadio, we discuss the significance of Guarding the Biblical Perspective. We give a brief comprehension of what Christian Apologetics is, guarding against false Theology, and we discuss the considerable number of things that cover our confidence, what is that one thing that we shouldn’t expel from close assurance, and a great deal more.


Also, on our Artist Development portion, we discuss being a Tent-maker. At the point when Apostle Paul was in Philippi, he turned into a Tent-maker to not be a weight to the neighborhood church monetarily. We discuss this thing we might consider service, that are quite helps to the service. Extremely intriguing viewpoint on how we convey ourselves as Christian Artists.

Show playlist:
– Focus by Pray
– It is Well With My Soul by Th3rd Class
– Praisen On Em by Purpose
– Just to Know You by Simply Real
– What Will They Say by Project Pluto feat. Pacaso Ramirez
– Jesus by Kara-Nichole
– The Life You Lead Feat. Tha Gate Keepa, Bezalel, Scribe Music, & R-Swift
– Velucci by T.R.O.M.P.
– Reason to Worship by Disciple (D.I.)
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