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Ex-Gang Member Glen Harris aka G.HARRIS817 use to “Lock And Load” weapons for all the wrong reasons! After a drive by shooting that nearly took his life, he realize he was spared for a divine purpose. With new music he calls “Hood Gospel Sounds”, G.Harris817 goes into hoods to share his testimony where it’s often difficult to reach people who may smell like weed and alcohol or has gone in and out of prison. His testimonies are deep and tells the truth. KingdomFightMuzik is an album recorded with music testimonies that G.Harris817 uses as a method to share the Gospel of Jesus through his real life stories.


Purpose For Distribution


The purpose of distributing these songs and the story behind the music is to provide practical understanding how God has helped G.Harris817 renew his mind and changed his outlook on life. The songs target an audience that includes but not limited to people who are familiar with God, listen to rap music, use illegal drugs, abuse alcohol, and/or has gone in and out of jail or prison.


Songs And The Story Behind Each Track

LOCK AND LOAD – When I was a gang member I was involved in a drive-by shooting that nearly took my life. I realized that I survived because God wanted me to use the gift and talent he gave me to create “Hood Gospel Sounds” for people who may not go to church but love God and need a push to get them there. God gave me the Ministry “CELLBLOCCHEAVEN INTERNATIONAL” which means incarcerated in the Lord for the spiritually inclined. I believe I was called to lock and load in the spirit and call martial law on the enemy and his wicked ways. We need to gird up our loins and put on the full armor of God against the wiles of the enemy. God is looking for people on fire for him and not on fire burning with the devil. Click on the hyperlink to sample my songG.HARRIS817.

CODE RED – The Story Behind this song includes a time I was going through a crisis witnessing how people had been treated by people in the church all across the country. I felt it was a “State Of Emergency” and the Lord has not been pleased with tradition and the way people kept his glory in handcuffs not executing agape love. We can preach every Sunday or witness to the community daily but if we don’t deal with the epidemic and focus on deliverance ministry to those who are sick people will continue to be in bondage.

I have been a victim of church abuse and rejection and decided to take a stand. This song relates to my personality because I am a military Army Desert Shield & Desert Storm Veteran who believes in taking an aggressive approach when dealing with spiritual warfare against the enemy. He is playing for keeps as he gathered his dark forces to reek havoc in the world. The sirens are going off everywhere you turn in every City, State & Country. People are dealing with terrorist threats in every category. Click on the hyperlink to sample my songG.HARRIS817.

WEIGHTCLASS – When I think of this song I look at the different classes in boxing. Some are Featherweights, Lightweights, Middleweights in their own right. However, when we tap into the vein of the Holy Spirit we all become Heavyweights against adversity. There was a time of my life that I was going through depression because I was injured in a car accident that left me in a position that I could not provide for my family. I couldn’t get disability financial help so I was stressed and felt helpless. What I could not see is that God was trying to get my attention to take a rest period so I could focus on him which would help me stop living paycheck to paycheck. Eventually, I realized it was time to step up my WeightClass and tap into the vein of the Holy Spirit. I made some changes in my life for the better and the song was born. This song also fits my character because I actually box in real life. Click on the hyperlink to sample my songG.HARRIS817.

RENEGADES – When I think of a renegade I think of an individual who would fight for righteousness and stand for truth. I have been put in so many situations that tested my integrity and made me look at myself and say I have a responsibility to hold people accountable who are in leadership over people. Even though people are saved and filled with the Holy Ghost it doesn’t mean that they don’t come out of character sometimes. We all struggle to die in the flesh! Therefore, it’s important that Christians in all faith levels lift the other up when we fall down. Let us not forget we are a people who are imperfect and with a few side defects that depend on God to be made whole. This song fits my personality because I believe in radical praise and taking the fire Of God to the nation. Click on the hyperlink to sample my songG.HARRIS817.

LION’S DEN – Like Daniel I have been thrown to the Lion’s to be devoured so many times in life but had a hedge of protection that wouldn’t let me be destroyed. I have been attacked in my sleep by the enemy but even in our subconscious we can plead the blood of Jesus and the enemy have to flee. This song gives encouragement to intercessors who Stand In the gap and ready to go to war at any given moment against the adversary. This song fits my personality because like David I always have a rock handy to face the giants in life who stands in the way of my destiny and that rock is momentum through the power of the Lord. Click on the hyperlink to sample my songG.HARRIS817.

WE ROLLING – This song represents a call to arms for a movement of people who won’t take it anymore when facing obstacles. In a sense an anthem for people like myself who won’t take firey darts sitting down. We must take our blessings by force when it comes to your birthright and inheritance provided by the Kingdom of God. This song matches my personality because I’m a fighter who may fall short sometimes but God’s measuring stick helps me go further and gets me to the finish line. Click on the hyperlink to sample my songG.HARRIS817.


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