Free Press Release Ebooks

OK, so you don’t no much about marketing! Well, that does not mean you can’t learn some of the easy PR techniques that’s used with marketing! The problem is that many people give up before they even start in fear of the terminoloy! Get free press release material and learn strategies by our marketing partner! You will find that the content is easy to read and the methods are easy to implement. Click the link or image below!


Get started with free press releases!

Free Press Release eBooks

  • Hone your PR skills with these valuable PR tools, publicity tips, and press release resources.
  • 8 Secrets Press Release Firms Don’t Want You to Know.
  • The Big Press Release Samples Book.
  • Press Release Checklist.
  • Leveraging Social Media & PR.
  • The Grammar Geek’s Guide to Writing Press Release.


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