Dwayne Coley

Dwayne Coley & True Ministry Band
The Gospel Band reside in Jacksonville, Florida and was formed in 2007 through the leadership of the Holy Spirit. Several CD projects have been birthed and the group has traveled throughout the City of Jacksonville and surrounding areas ministering to the people of God. You can listen to their music through Reverbnation and leave any messages for booking opportunities.



Dwayne Coley
Dwayne Coley was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida. At a very early age he realized there was something a little different about himself than most kids his age. There was a deep love inside for music that would grow higher than he could have imagined. After many years of attempts in the secular market, Dwayne realized there was a calling on his life and recognized the the voice of God.
Dwayne Coley was a member of the Fantastic Starlites Gospel Group in Jacksonville, FL and served as their drummer and at times background singer. As he continued to serve through the Holy Spirit he was able to elevate to lead singer and added his song writing skills to his lyrics. Through his journey God allowed some things to happen that would shift him to the place the Holy Spirit intended him to be in 2007.
Loosing everything from material things, family and friends, he was at a place where for the first time in his life he was able to truly meditate experience the true love of God. Once he heard the voice of God and humbled himself to his authority, he was able to allow the anointing to flow through songs that were birthed in the Holy Spirit. God birthed the music and gave the spiritual project of “Dwayne Coley The Song Writer” to remind his people that there is only hope in him. Because of his love he sealed the project with a picture of a cloud in the sky of his son Jesus and the 3rd picture featured on the left above was the blessing received.
Through prayer God formed the group True Ministry and opened the door for Tate Music Group to pick up the 1st CD project that was released in 2012. We pray that as we follow Christ and Minister his love to his people, burdens are lifted, chains are broken, and hope is restored to know that everything happens “IN GODS TIME”.

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