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“Walls Come Down” encourage Christians to be bold as we go about our Father’s business!

Walls Come DownInspired by the Great Commission to go and capture every heart for Jesus Christ, Derek Homer composed “Walls Come Down“, an upbeat praise song that is a declaration of God’s mighty power. Derek remind listeners of God’s promise and the part we’re invited to play to set all captives free (Luke 4:18-19, Galatians 5:1).

Throughout the song there is a subtle recap of the story of Jericho and it’s imposing and impenetrable walls. It relates to the walls people build due to pain, anger, insecurities, and other circumstances that seem to work against us. In fact, every day there are people in our reach that are crying out to escape from abusive relationships, from poverty, from addictions, and from physical and mental illnesses. However, God’s love redeems it all! Following His biblical principles break barriers and offer reconciliation.

As Christians, we are encouraged to be bold as we go about our father’s business. We are to seek out the lost and tell them of the good news so that their lives will be saved. We can be confident that when we go out to claim territory for our God, when we give a shout unto His name, He will move on our behalf. The word of God states that He has already given us the victory as he did with the coming down of the Walls of Jericho. It is one of God’s grandest miracles!

About Derek Homer

Derek Homer was born in London, 1974. He is a classically trained pianist and composer, having studied from the age of six until receiving a bachelor’s degree in Music. Although a Christian throughout his life, a personal tragedy in 2009 led him into a deeper and more meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ. He started serving at his local church to welcome attendees at first, but later to lead prayer groups. Years later, he was invited to join the Worship Team, where he continues to play piano today. Through his church, he has had the privilege of meeting or playing with Israel Houghton, Chris Tomlin, members of Hillsong United, all of whom have been a source of inspiration for his music.

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