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Debra Price singing is her soothing mechanism and the way she surrender her hurts and disappointments!

About Debra Price

Debra Price - Gospel Recording Artist

Recording artist, songwriter, minister, intercessor and savvy business woman Debra Price Born Debra McKinney started singing at a very young age. She brings a soulful, urban upbeat, jazzy worship blend of inspiring uplifting music. This anointed songstress recently completed one of her best Master Piece and collection of songs entitled “Transform Me“. Within the album Debra conveys to women the importance of knowing who they are and how to value them self according to the word of God. She tells that there is healing for depression, death, divorce, and even shame and guilt.

Project That Must Be Shared

Debra has amazing vocals and stellar lyrics! Devine Jamz Gospel Network is compelled to share with the world what God is doing with this talented woman. We learned that she has endured through many struggles, yet use them to glorify God and encourage others. After going through a series of troublesome events, Debra is in great expectations this year. Why? Because she found her true voice and she’s ready to let the world hear it through her new collection “Transform Me“.

Christian Singer Songwriter Debra PriceIn particular, “I Need You” is based on the hurts and disappointments including the death of a twin daughter who passed while Debra was going into premature labor. The song express the pain of living in a physical abusive marriage for several years and how Debra was forced to live in a shelter for battered women. Through it all, Debra never stopped believing that God would somehow see her through her trials. Today, Debra is a nominated awards singing recording artist that is using her gift and talent to uplift others with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

She sing with love and passion and always surrender to our Father God for His grace and mercy. We believe you will be encouraged, inspired and filled with love when you listen to the album “Transform Me“.

Awards And Accomplishments

Debra’s hard work is the result of her being featured in “Change Gospel Artist”, “Dream Out Loud” Mackie Magazine, Radio stations, and Indie blogs. Debra’s consistency has awarded her recognition from the Inferno Awards show for “New Song of the Year” and “R & P Artist of the Year”. Debra’s single “I Need You” has also been nominated in (3) categories that includes The 2016 Rhythm of Gospel Awards Inspirational/R&P Song of the Year, Alternative Christian Song of the Year, and a top Urban Contemporary Female Vocalist.

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