Dag3 – I’m Pressing My Way

About The Album

Gospel Music Marketing PromotionThe collection entitled Epiphany highlights 12 motivating tunes including the hit single ‘I’m Pressing My Way’ Featuring Spanky Williams. Likewise included on the collection are the irresistible singles ‘It’s a Highway to Heaven’, ‘My Help’, ‘Church Inside Me’, and ‘Without the Lord’.

Epiphany is bound with rich heartfelt vocals with serious vocal extent upheld by extravagant harmonies that will undoubtedly revive recollections of yesteryear. The collection is an absolute necessity have for each gospel music fan who acknowledges mixing music that touches to the center.

Artist Inspiration

“This is not only a ‘great vibe’ accumulation”, said Dag3. “There’s a message in each melody that is applicable to today’s times and life’s circumstances.”

At the point when requested that what propelled him to make a collection, the vocalist said, “I needed to share my God offered blessing to mend the world through my support.”

Step by step instructions to Purchase

I’m Pressing My Way, Church Inside Of Me, Without The Lord and It’s a Highway to Heaven can be acquired on iTunes for $0.99 each. For additional data and sneak peaks of the melodies click on the iTunes link.

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