Compilation Winners 2015

Judges selected the following recipients and songs for our 1-Year SoundCloud Music Marketing Promotion for 2015

1. Fissyhelen – SA ASALA
2. Glory Child – He Reigns
3. TheMartyrsProject – Clement
4. Firelightbandofbelievers – Holy
5. Catrinagospeljazztress – Made A Way
6. EricssonvillE – Need Your Spirit
7. Pookie wit tha Uzi – Soul
8. Solomon Bozeman – Tell Me, Can We Make It
9. YaGurlBeeZee – You Christ
10. Minister Kaine – Thank You
11. MCBN Radio – You’ve Been Right There
12. Rillay – Yes
13. Piet Goemans – Call On Jesus – City of Gold

The playlists are advertised through a portal into 4 huge marketing networks where people can purchase ads for marketing. The ads we used for this particular promotion included:

1. Traffic Link ad(s)
2. Login ad(s)
3. Hot link(s)
4. Solo Ad
5. MS Network Ads
6. Kiwi Super Solos(s)

Also, another way to get easy advertising is by simply posting your announcements in our Linkedin Group. We select member’s updates and posts them to our Gospel Music Entertainment News website that is published monthly! 

We hope that we have been of some help using our resources and connections. We will maintain the songs for those who did not get selected for future use. At some point we will have other promotions and if it includes soundcloud songs, your music will be included as participants!

Special thanks to our Christian Music Examiners Fred Willis and David Moore for being our judges and experts making the selection! 

Special thanks to Indie Gospel ArtistsC.E.O. Ken Rich for sponsoring our promotions through Eagle Ads and Indie Gospel Radio!  

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