Brother H-963 Released New Album Titled ‘Declare His Glory’

Meet Brother H-963

Brother H-963 is a gospel artist, and worship leader. He released “Declare His Glory,” a set of seven spiritual songs, in September 2019. This album has the creative use of key Bible verses.

In addition to his love for Christ, he has sizable love for his wife, and three children. Brother H-963 got his name back in college. Because he used the word Hallelujah so much, his friends started calling him Brother Hallelujah — hence Brother H-963.

Furthermore, the 963 in his name comes from the digits on the side of his keyboard. Brother H-963, being a fan of the Bible, checked out all verses with the numbers 963. As a result, he found Psalms 96:3 is the only part of scriptural text with those numbers, and that is where the album’s concept came from.

Now that you understand how he got his name, and song, let me tell you more about the “Declare His Glory” album, and three of its standout songs.

Creative Lyrical Content Homages God’s Word

Brother H-963 With all those subtle strings, and light drums, this music feels inviting, tropical, and warm. The title track, ‘Declare His Glory,’ uses biblical lyrics from verses 3-5 of Psalms 96, rendering a remarkable rhyme: Declare His Glory / Among the nations / His wonders / Among all peoples.

The lyrical content of the song is reminiscent of Christine Storm’s ‘Blessed,’ and ‘Blessed & Highly Favored’ by The Clark Sisters. These songs have in common the beautiful declaration of God’s glory.

There’s another song from “Declare His Glory” that stands out, for its reflective & reverential lyrics, is ‘Run-924.’ The song is about Brother H-963’s attention on spreading the gospel through music. The more he focused on his artistry, the easier it got to create. The song mentions 1 Corinthians 9:24-27, reminding us to keep steadfast in our life’s journey.

The lyrical content of ‘Run-924’ clears anxiety, and motivates forward movement like Marvin Sapp’s ‘If You Just Believe,’ The Addison Singers’ ‘I’m Only On A Journey,’ and Tamela Mann’s ‘All to Thee.’ What I appreciate most about ‘Run-924’ is that the subtle guitar strumming paired with those verve vocals sound like a race being run with grace.

Not to leave out the brilliance of ‘Romans8Love,’ track three. The Song rings out in a timeless tune recognizing God’s gift to us— Life. It affirms the freedom and fullness we have in Christ. With the breath of God in our lungs each day, we know we’re more than conquerors. We know we don’t have to grow weary. It’s clear that Brother H-963 wanted to share God’s assuring peace with us. He tells us that God’s love always provides, and it never fails. All we have to do is know it, right here and right now.

Highly Recommended…

I am highly recommending you stream the creative, cultural “Declare His Glory.” This album educates listeners on key Bible versus, appreciates the love & law of God, and inspires right thinking. It tells us that one day we’re going to our heavenly home; but first, we must live right.

And, profoundly, “Declare His Glory” is a remarkable route map.







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