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Jeanne Starr Gater - Bring Back SummertimeEmotions run high in Bring Back Summertime as readers are taken on a roller coaster journey where the life or death fate of a faithful family man lies in the hands of doctors. The story engages readers who are left pondering how, and why, someone in the prime of their life, and career is left maimed and comatose without a moment’s notice. After a pleasant ten-minute journey to drop his young, nine-year-old daughter off for her gymnastics class, Dr ‘J’ was not suspect that a horrendous fate awaited him. What was the set of circumstances that brought split second actions into play on a quiet Saturday morning where the day should have been ordinary and smooth? An early morning phone call asking if someone could bring her to the hospital leaves his wife wondering if she is dreaming or awake. Yet, real life challenges have only just begun as the family is beseeched with dreadful life or death circumstances that prove almost unbearable. Groggy, slow steps are underscored with painful anxiety after the family is given notice that Dr. ‘J’ has less than a fifty-percent chance to live. There wasn’t much-saving grace. His small Dodge Colt was crushed by a big Mack Truck so badly that it took the fire department over 45-minutes, using the jaws of life, to cut him free of the wreckage. Paramedics and firemen work frantically as they wonder if the man is still alive, and if so, for how long? Thus begins the remarkable true story of one man’s untimely fate and his family’s struggle as they reached out to a higher power; for divine intervention, for salvation and grace; because this was not supposed to be their fateful story. The enthralling Bring Back Summertime book from the outset brings readers into the fold. As they travel the path with the Gater’s, they realize that sheer human emotion and compassion can work miracles as all the heroes move feverishly into action to save a life. While it was just one life threatened by this paralyzing accident, swift motions moving into action from the rescue team and emergency hospital personnel would be critical to the outcome of a relentless fight to save one man’s life.


A Call To Higher Power


Throughout the book, minute to minute emotions again run rampant as Dr. ‘J’s wife and children desperately pray and stay. Author, Jeanne Starr Gater, knew that there would be a tragic ending if she didn’t call on her higher power and beseech God for favor and His tender mercies. Acknowledging also, with medical personnel, her family’s refusal to let go takes every ounce of her courage. There is unwavering support of family and friends to help her get to a stable place in a very unstable situation as they all question whether it was God’s will for Dr ‘J’ to leave earth so abruptly at the age of 46. Things would have been different if he had been different. Smiling, understanding, hard working; a caring teacher who inspired his students to reach high for their goals and dreams in life. Now, students and colleagues alike are left in disbelief that in a split second a horrendous accident was ready to claim Dr. ‘J’s life. His business colleagues are also left in total disbelief because this was the Chrysler Corporation’s genius, Senior Systems Engineer who spent a year redesigning their mainframe computer program that saved the company millions of dollars in fraudulent warranty claims. Belief and disbelief courses throughout the department as they wrestle with whether Dr. ‘J’ if he did make it, would ever be mentally sane, and physically whole again. It becomes too much to sift through as his family and doctors are left with the real fight. How to keep one life from leaving when all the medical odds are against this severely maimed and comatose man becoming awake and whole again. Some Bring Back Summertime readers have admitted: “I could not wait. I had to jump ahead in the book to see if he did live, and if so, what happened next?” In many instances, the pages of the book reveal a heart-wrenching journey. Other families and lives on the line are brought into play. Then the time arrives when dedicated doctors finally inform the family that Dr. ‘J’ will not make it! He is again extremely critical. They describe how living for one week after the accident was a miracle in itself, and now the family must face the fact that nothing else medically can be done. Dr. ‘J’ will not come out of the coma and has not responded to instruments to measure deep pain. The days ahead through astonishment and disbelief, however, prove different.


Triumph Over Tragedy


Family Support


There are saints praying, miracle cloths, and divine intervention, as close family and friends embrace the Gater’s through their long, arduous trek to Bring Back Summertime. This is one in a million story of triumph over tragedy, that portrays broad dynamics of spirituality, humanity, and a higher power that will embrace and inspire audiences at every surprising turn of events. Frustration, sleepless nights, and agonizing heartache, eventually turn to joy and stability. The portrayal of the dynamic flow of Bring Back Summertime on the big screen will leave audiences riveted and strengthened in their belief that the Creator of the Universe is real! Life is not one dimensional, and we can all bend and bow gracefully in acknowledging that a higher power can and will direct our lives on earth. During his prolonged recovery, there are many agonizing moments for Dr. ‘J’ but also some very light moments. Friends and colleagues come to visit and assist. The streaming encouragement, while very detailed in the book will become truly meaningful and impactful on the big screen. So many things take place moving the Gater family back into the promise of restoration gives much credence to the fact that life is truly precious. Life can be here today and gone tomorrow. The story does beg the question: “Is life everlasting as promised throughout the bible?” God gave us the beauty of spring, winter, summer and fall and throughout the many frailties that can upset our flow, we still have the promise of a Comforter and miracles amid any faithful quest to Bring Back Summertime. “By his stripes, we are healed” Isaiah 53:4-5. Amen!


True Story By:

Jeanne Starr Gater


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