For Immediate Release – Brian Psalms New Single ‘All The Time’

Meet Brian Psalms

Brian Psalms is a rising composer/producer/artist in New Jersey and his new single, ‘All the Time,’ sways the mind to peace, positivity, and calm. 

As a musician, Psalms writes and records his music, not unlike mainstream creatives Kirk Franklin, Kanye West, Amy Grant, Jonathan McReynolds, CeCe Winans, Mary Mary, and so many more. Psalms’s beat-making is just as passionate as his songwriting. And, you can witness this by pressing play on his new album, “Giving God My Destiny.”


If you’re human, you’ve likely felt both pain and happiness. You’ve gained experiential knowledge to go create & contribute good. With ‘All the Time,’ it’s apparent that Psalms has overcome obstacles, and is proud to share that blessing with others through his music.

This new contemporary Christian & Gospel song is a beautiful, memorable, timeless one. It comes from his new album “Giving God My Destiny,” a 17-song set. Listening to Psalms’ new music gives me an attitude of gratitude. Let me tell you more about why I recommend ‘All the Time.’

Lyrics are Lasting

As a poet, I can easily imagine how subjective Psalms’ soul was while composing ‘All the Time.’ This song gives praise to God’s word, and reminds us to be happy that good things are indeed already happening, all around us, through us.

The following B-section, that memorable hook, it’s a real head-banger. For anyone trying to achieve their goals, even if that very goal is to be happy, then these lyrics are lasting. They affirm just how good God is, has been, and will be.

Trust in Him / I know I can win / He is Good / All the Time

And so I encourage you, from now on, when you wake up in the mornings, imagine how motivating it would be to look yourself in the mirror, and say: Trust in Him. I know I can win. He is Good. All the time.

Production Pacifies

Brian PsalmsOh I just love a good song with a good beat. And, this one reminds me of Total’s classic 90’s hit, ‘Kissin’ You.’

Psalms did a phenomenal job with the casually confident ‘All the Time,’ as it’s soothing to the spirit, and uplifting to the soul. He’s got the model 2-step melodies on lock; you can press play on this in the car, in the shower, in the kitchen, and my personal favorite: the man cave.

The overall production is professional, and it’s message of thankfulness is powerful. The consistent strings throughout the song is reminiscent of God’s persistence in blocking all weapons formed against me. Song is a sound coming straight from the heaven above.

When you sit back and soak up the passion and praise in Psalms auto-tuned vocals, you do realize God is Good, and he’s Good ‘All the Time.’

Highly Recommended…

All the Time’ will help you say “next” to negativity, and “yes” to the purifying presence of God. Song inspires us to let go, and let love. It encourages us to actively employ faith and trust, the keys to bliss. Song triggers acknowledgment, attention, admiration, and total praise.

I’m highly recommending ‘All the Time’ by Brian Psalms, not only because God is Good all the time, but also because he eliminates useless fear and fury, granting abundance and animation.

Remember: Trust in Him. I know I can win. He is Good. All the time.










All the Time

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