Behind The Song ‘Only You’ – A Recording By Lyrico GodChild

Up and coming Christian rapper Lyrico created ‘Only You’ in June 2018, which features singer Church Boy. This spiritual song is very dear to him, as it shares some of the toughest times, trials, and temptations he faced prior to getting closer to Jesus Christ. In the first verse, he remembers relying on God’s favor to help him out of a false conviction: I felt like Satan put a hit on me, had me facing 40 years of jail time you heard homie….

Behind the Song

Song is a powerful piece, one he’s proud to present to music lovers who believe God has a purpose for their life. He raps, Grace said I can’t let you go boy, got a purpose for ya life home I call it Christ love…. ‘Only You’ aims to inspire people to realize Christ’s open arms, especially during times of burden. Lyrico wants listeners to understand that God desires to alleviate our burdens:

“[With ‘Only You’] I send out a message to the listeners, that whatever problems you might be facing, be it sickness, money, heartbreak, marital problems, troubles with the law, or simply anything taking your peace away and causing stress and worries in your life give it to God. Because he is the only person that can take all your burdens away as it’s written in the Bible, “cast your burdens on Christ for he cares for them”.”

Lyrico wrote and recorded ‘Only You’ as honorable homage to Christ, ultimately reminding fellow believers of God through Christ, that “there’s nothing impossible for our God. When we think that there’s no way out, and we feel like giving up, then our God will show up and make the impossible possible.” 

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