Behind the Song – ‘Keep Your Head Up’ – Rico Dawson

Meet Rico Dawson. Christian creator from Goldsboro, NC. Before releasing the spiritual solo single ‘Keep Your Head Up‘ in April 2019, Dawson engaged in a pretty eventful life.

In the late 1980s, Dawson served in the United States Active Duty. While in service, he wrote ‘To Be With You’ for Finesse, an amateur R&B group he was part of. After service he enrolled in Elizabeth City State University, where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Music Industry Studies. During that time, he wrote the songs ‘You’ll Never Find Another Love Like Mine,’ and ‘A Lonely Night.’

By the time Dawson completed college, it was clear that his intentions were on being a successful singer/songwriter. His actions up until that point were highly indicative of his determination to manifest the dream God gave to him. ‘Keep Your Head Up‘ is only more motivation for us to continue on our particular paths to the abundance God has imagined for us.

‘Keep Your Head Up’ is for those of us who are pursuing a goal, and needing to block out any negativity that tries to reroute our attention to follow emotion and experience. I’m grateful for strong songs like ‘Keep Your Head Up,’ because no matter when & where you press play on them, they’re purpose does get through to the great I Am inside each of us. Song speaks directly to the need of overcoming fear, doubt, depression, disgust, dominance, and anything deeply rooting us to idleness.

This new song from Rico Dawson reminds me of ‘Take Time‘ by Ledisi. She performed the mood motivator on AOL Black Voices, and it hit hard like Jesus delivered it himself. That’s the feeling I get from listening to ‘Keep Your Head Up’ by Dawson. I appreciate music that aims to get people to get up, and do something good for the world. I am grateful for people who use their power to create, for the creation of good- that’s what ‘Keep Your Head Up’ is. It’s for the creation of good. One cannot create good, if he’s looking down, if he’s believing down. One must look up! One must BELIEVE UP.

By the same token , I reached out to Rico Dawson for the reasoning behind ‘Keep Your Head Up,’ and his reply was fearless, and philosophical:

The song’s lyrics talk about the trials and tribulations you will encounter when you are working on the dream or the vision that God has given you to carry out. There will be many people who will question you and they will try to make you feel like what God said to you will not come to pass. They will not understand the vision because the vision was given to you not them so stay the course….When you fulfill your part in God’s promise, it’s not just for you to be blessed, but it’s for you to be a blessing to others.

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