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In this episode of Not By Bread Alone Radio (NBBAR), in week 3 of their 8-week principle series, Radio Host “Kingdom Taking” leads the show and discuss “The Vow Principle” with special guest and Christian Recording Artist “7vnSeal”. This was among their greatest talk show I’ve listen to! These two men hit home for sure with me and they might do the same for you as well! If you are among some of us at one time or another made a pledge, promise or vow with the Lord, but then you broke that vow. You will certainly relate to this dialogue! Like many of us who failed to take God serious in the past found out the hard way that God don’t play when it comes to keeping your vow with Him!


Kingdom Taking and 7vnSeal engage deep with some real talk! I almost jumped on the phone my self to call-in the show, but I know I’m long winded and that may have been bad news! Thankfully, I received a blessing from the talk show without needing to converse with the fellas! They talked about God’s role with vows made to his people. What our role as people of God are and how important a vow is.


“Kingdom Taking” made a big move by keeping the topic rolling, which took time away from the artist segment. But 7vnSeal was totally in agreement as they both allowed the Holy Spirit to have His way! I give big props to both of these gentlemen for their selfless actions! They set aside matters in their perspective that was of less priority to keep God’s word first in the interview!


The show ends with a brief yet intense conversation about 7vnSeal’s new single and future music projects. 7vnSeal revealed news about how he received his name 7vnSeal, which he use a reference from Revelation 8;3-5. I won’t give you all the details on what influence 7vnSeal to create his music, but he announced ground breaking news about his future projects! Please tune in to the radio show and find out the 411 (information). These brothers are a true reflection of Christian young men that’s serious about edifying the kingdom of God! Connect with the artist (@7vnseal) on Twitter.


The track list for the show are as follow:


– Price Tag by King David tha Vessel feat. Cell Blok

– Ready, Set, Go by Rapture Raps feat. A.P. Light

– Closer to the Prize by Pacaso Ramirez, Ream & Enon

– It’s Begun by 7vnSeal

– Try by Heavensake

– Vintage by Pablo

– Turn Down by Forever Real

– Irreplacable by Russ Shanks feat. Tameka Harris

– Thankful Love by Josiah Williams feat. Ellie Urish


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