5 Must-Know Instagram Tactics To Get More Leads And Make Your Product Sell Out

It is no secret that sharing photos and video on social media has exploded into a massive revolution. These so-called social photo/video sharing websites provide you with the ability to share media and that too in style. When it comes to Photo sharing social media platforms – Instagram is the leader of the pack.

Instagram is a no-nonsense tool. Using your cellphone, you can take snaps and post them immediately on your feed. Furthermore, you can synchronize your Instagram feed with other social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Synchronization Of Social Media

However, this is old news for people who have been social media followers and mavens for many years. So, if you are working in sales or marketing, what you need to do is employ Instagram as one of your lead generating tools.

Lead Generation And Instagram

There is an intense relationship among Instagram and lead generation. Lead generation is nothing but creating interest for your product and services from potential customers.

Nowadays, consumers are increasingly visual, and companies have to post relevant content to attract them. Of course, you can write various interesting social media posts and blogs, still, your prospects only want to see what you are talking about.

Posting Relevant Content

Here is where Instagram comes on the scene. Not only you are sharing pictures with your audience, but you are providing a visual and personal element related to your brand in real time.

Five Lead Generation Tactics Using Instagram

1)  Use Relevant Hashtags

It may seem like a no-brainer, but there is still a lot of confusion on how to use hashtags effectively. Some individuals never use hashtags while others add 30 irrelevant hashtags to their images.

Just think of hashtags as keywords. Keep a variety of them and make sure to use certain ones to be discoverable. If you are planning on using abbreviations that are common in your industry, just check out what those abbreviations can lead to on Instagram.

All abbreviations are not what you think, so click them to see what type of content is displayed. Take some time to analyze which are the best hashtags for your niche.

Use Relevant Hashtags

2) Share Photos Of Employees

Sharing details of company events or staff photos provides followers with the inside scoop about your business. Furthermore, it provides a chance to introduce your employees to the public and show off the talents of the people who are using your brand. This humanizes the brand and makes it easily accessible to followers.

3) Where To Link

There are various situations where you may have missed the opportunity to divert traffic to your site. And on Instagram, you have the option to add a live link to your profile. Be clear on what you want them to do while being on your website and make sure to link to the appropriate page. You can send them to the ‘About’ section, latest blog page or the product page. You can even create a specific landing page for Instagrammers which has a call-to-action or special offers.

Where To Link

4) Engaging With Other Brands

Frankly, it isn’t second nature to engage with various brands on Instagram, but it is beneficial. You can do this by commenting on and liking other brand photos. This shows that you are trying to create an Instagram community, and this can sometimes provide some valuable leads.

5) Check Out Your Competitors

Watching what your competitors are doing is helpful. You get a clear picture of what does or doesn’t work for them. And you can improvise on that. Also based on your analysis of your competitors, you can create a different experience on your page.

Furthermore, you can check out who follows them or who they are following. Try to check for any influencers or people having a huge number of followers. Sometimes you might see influential people following them, try to reach out to them and get them to follow your brand too.

Being Close And Tracking Competitors

Winding Up

Until recently, Instagram was a self-contained platform. It never allowed any interaction outside of it besides the link present in the bio. However, with the emergence of Instagram ads, the situation has changed a bit. Still compared to other social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, Instagram is quite closed off.

Here the hesitation to utilize this platform comes from the lack of knowledge on how to effectively measure and drive sales from this social media photo sharing app. With the methods discussed above, you can bring in improvements to your Instagram profile as well as brand awareness.


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