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Amara Duru - Spotlight ArtistNew Zealand’s Singer Songwriter Amara Duru has made her self-known to the U.S. when she recently submitted her video “Beautiful” for international TV coverage on the hit series “Christian Music Videos“. From the beginning of her video it presents a message that certainly is an eye catcher and portray how cruel people can be. It’s a serious matter that happens in each country all around the globe. I’m sure many people will be able to identify with the storyline upon viewing it.


Beautiful” was broadcast on on Comcast Cable TV, Sky Angel Satellite TV, local stations and Internet TV. The project was presented before millions in a targeted audience from New York, California, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Florida, Alabama and other parts of the states that host the program. You can view the TV Channel listing located at Devine Jamz Gospel Network to get the exact channels and time. 

Currently, Amara is hard at work performing live and sharing her message at various events in New Zealand. She is ministering to all those that needs to hear that they are beautiful no matter what others may say. Some of her past performances are on video at the most astonishing facilities that fit the title of her song “Beautiful”.


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